Monday, December 15, 2014

Pinoy Witty Humor & Clever Comebacks

Foreigners visiting the Philippines are often astounded by the Filipino's sense of humor. Even in the midst of extreme poverty, laughter still abound and a complete stranger is often greeted with a ready smile rather than suspicion. We also have the knack for finding humor in a tragic or calamitous event. One can either say the Filipino has a weird sense of humor or is a natural-born "wit".

Here are two examples of Pinoy (Filipino) humor translated into English.


Two college students, Juan and Pedro were roommates at a boarding house near their school. One bright sunny morning Pedro met a beautiful girl. They fell in love and like some love stories it ended tragically. His girlfriend found another man and dumped Pedro.

One sad dreary day, Juan unexpectedly found Pedro trying to hang himself inside the room they shared.

Juan: "Pedro! What are you doing?"

Pedro: "My girlfriend broke up with me."
"Hu-hu-hu-hu" Pedro started crying inconsolably

Juan: "Yes I know, but what are you DOING!?"

Pedro: "I'm trying to commit suicide"

Juan: "OH! But why is the noose around your ankles?"

Pedro: "I tried putting it around my neck...but I had a hard time breathing."



This teacher was very fond of playing truant during class hours.

Her students waited patiently for her inside the classroom. Except for her handbag on the teacher's table, she was nowhere to be seen.

After 15 minutes, her students started filing out of the classroom.

The teacher was fuming mad the following day.

"Didn't you see my handbag on my desk? THAT MEANS I'M PRESENT!"

The next day the teacher arrive to a classroom full of bags but no students.

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