Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Squelch a Witty Insult or Clever Comeback...Play Dumb

There are two types of people who use witty insults and clever comebacks. 

Those who do it for fun and are looking for some laughs (at your expense), be a good sport and play along but set the limit (or riposte back with your own repartee).  

Then there are those who do it because they are always in a foul mood, the bad-tempered GROUCH...AVOID THEM.

Another way to deal with insulting comebacks is to fake stupidity, play "dumb". It takes the fun away from the sarcasm if you refuse to acknowledge it.

From the fashionable elite to yokels in the boondocks, lowbrow philistine to intellectual highbrows, snobs and rude manners cut across the socioeconomic boundaries. 

They are everywhere! 

Be PREPARED...Learn the art of the repartee. Be CREATIVE in your INSULTS and COMEBACKS. :)
Smarter than given credit for

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