Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Insult a Cheapskate with a Clever Comeback

During summer school breaks, Jimmy the youngest son of a friend made the rounds in our neighborhood doing odd jobs to earn some extra cash.

Among our neighbors was a cheapskate I'll hide under the name Mr. Tightwaddle. People generally avoided doing business with him because he always drive a hard bargain and they often get the short end of the deal.

Espying Jimmy one early morning, the neighborhood cheapskate called out to the young boy to ask him to do some car washing chore. Well aware of the other person's stinginess, Jimmy reluctantly walk up to the neighbor's driveway while trying to think of a way out of his predicament. 

He studied the dilapidated and collision battered car but made no move.

"Well go to it then" the owner prodded. "You do know how to wash a car, don't you?"

"Yes sir!" There was a short pause then Jimmy's clever comeback, "but I don't know how to iron one."

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