Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Clever "Anting-anting" Comeback to a military officer

A joke goes that Floyd Mayweather is afraid to fight boxing legend Manny Pacquiao because he heard Manny posses a powerful "Anting-anting" It is the Filipino word for amulet. It gives the owner great strength and invincibility. Even bullets supposedly can't penetrate the body an anting-anting possesor.

This isn't about Manny Pacquiao but my brother-in-law.

When the U.S. still had military bases in the Philippines, war games were often conducted near the provincial town where Orly, my brother-in-law lives. Sometimes the American soldiers would hire local civilians to act as insurgents in their mock wars. The ammunition are similar to those use in paint ball guns that put a marker on the body when hit. Orly would enlist for these "wars" because it was fun and the pay was good. Of course the natives would always lose because they were the bad guys and the Americans were badass Marines.

On one of these military maneuvers, my brother-in-law got "shot". 

Rules of engagement require the casualties to remain in place where they got hit. Unfortunately, something Orly ate earlier didn't quite agree with him and he was having stomach trouble. Try as he might he couldn't contain his uneasiness nor the grumbling inside him. Finally he got up and started running away from the area. A military observer notice this and yelled after my brother-in-law.


"NO MAN, I HAVE ANTING-ANTING!" Orly yelled back as he continue running towards the nearest nature-provided toilet (behind some bushes).

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